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As a reminder, “LEAN” stands for Learning on Entrepreneurship & Agriculture for New farmers. Its aim is to provide tailored training and capacity building to new entrant farmers to help them implement and develop their farm according to organic and sustainable agriculture principles.

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For and foremost, the 6 partners of the LEAN project give you a warm thank you for following us despite the past few months that have been unexpected for all of us. Across Europe and all over the world, we acknowledged about our farming system issues: its strengths and its weaknesses. From the supermarket supply’s troubles to the missing labour force, this sanitary crisis impacts are not all visible yet.

That is why we are even more convinced about the relevance of our LEAN Project to tackle a part of the farming issues at a European scale. Training from the field and experience sharing are the two main foundations of our project. They can partly respond to the current issues our farming system face by disseminating about the farming world and maybe, knowingly, initiate some new life tracks.

Almost two years after the project started, we are proud to present you our 15 case studies and some of our translated modules.

Discover our 15 case studies in your own language!

Uploaded on the website since March 2020, the 15 case studies are available in English, German, French, Lithuanian, Polish and Italian.

From an artistic farm in Poland to a cooperative network in Germany, discover the stories of new farmers who have just started their business activity. Learn about their development paths, their history, and innovative practices. Their feedbacks and tips will support you towards your business model idea’s conception.

By giving interviews to our LEAN Project, they all agree to share their vision and passion towards new entrants in agriculture. If you want to know more about some of them, you can also directly contact them to know more about their features.

The general structure of the training programme is ready!

After a first disseminated draft of our modules, we have them tested across the 5 countries of the project. Per country, at least 5 farmers and 2 facilitators took the time to go through the modules and the tests to give us their impressions about them. Their feedbacks were positive and encouraging. For their time and feedbacks, we deeply thank each of them once again!

The partnership took the time to virtually gather at the beginning of May to capitalise about those feedbacks. We work altogether to improve the content and the layout of our modules to make them even more relevant and attractive to the new entrants in farming.

The Polish version is already available on our Moodle platform, which is directly connected to the website. Indeed, the partnership also worked hard on the website and training platform design to offer new learners a nice and welcoming space to learn to… Make a visit on our website to know more

Events adapted to the current situation…

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to gather in Kaunas-Lithuania at the beginning of March, nor in Bari-Italy at the beginning of July. It is a pity for the partnership not to meet again after more than 2 years of collaboration. By any chance, we may meet in Rennes-France for the Organic World Congress that has been rescheduled to next year. We will keep you inform whether the LEAN Project is going to attend and participate to this event.

On shorter terms, you are more than welcomed to follow our multiplier events! Indeed, one dissemination event per country has to take place from summer to fall… They are all supposed to be physically hold under national sanitary measures’ conditions. We start with Poland at the end of July; then Lithuania and France in August; Italy in September and Germany at the end of October… Everything will be revealed and shared on our social media and partners’.

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