About project

“LEAN” stands for Learning on Entrepreneurship & Agriculture for New farmers. LEAN also refers to the concept of Lean management, or Lean thinking, that aims to continuously improve work processes, purposes and people.

The LEAN project is a transnational research project supported by the European Commission and funding bodies in five countries under the umbrella of ERASMUS+.

Aim of the LEAN project is to provide tailored training and capacity building to new entrant farmers to help them implement and develop their farm according to organic and sustainable agriculture principles.

Using ICT, LEAN is providing high quality learning opportunities to new entrant farmers. It also promotes exchange through concrete examples of good practices and “success stories” from European farmers.

🍏[#organic Orchards at entrepreunarial scale]🌼 This week, the @LEANproject_eu met two entreprenarial arborists, who both have a pionner vision of🍐#arboriculture 🥭 Video and case study are coming ! Meanwhile, visit us on leanproject.eu/fr/ #biodiversity #flower #bees pic.twitter.com/811HHbiI5i

Today we want to share an upcoming event with you 🌱Organic Field Days in Germany 🌱 Offering young farmers the opportunity to inform themselves about innovations and exchange experiences. Find out more about the event organized by @fiblorg & @soel_de 👉 bit.ly/2QMCiY8 twitter.com/BejoZaden/stat…

First case studies are already collected and being polished. First farmer from Lithuania - is young woman who started with nothing. Her story will reveal how to spot opportunities and embody them. Follow us for more news (leanproject.eu). pic.twitter.com/jptTeBFPOh